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    The automotive industry has rapidly become computerized and electrified, with the aim of manufacturing in-vehicle equipment that meets environmental requirements. The electrolytic capacitors of Dongguan Quunio Electronics Co., Ltd. have high reliability and utilize the advantages of wide temperature of aluminum electrolysis to help the development of automotive electronic control technology, and integrate electronic products including on-board DVD, navigation and other airborne systems. Qunio specializes in providing customers with SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors for energy-saving applications. It has excellent low-loss and high-reliability connection characteristics and reduces the size of in-vehicle equipment for better results. Qunio aluminum electrolytic capacitors make car-mounted devices smaller, more stable, and better in sound quality.WJV群奥|群奥电子|东莞群奥|樟木头群奥|东莞电容器|东莞铝电解电容器|东莞电容器生产厂家|樟木头铝电解电容厂家 |东莞市